Post Adoption Counseling Support Groups

Adoptive families benefit from building community and finding support in group settings. Our adoption support groups, foster care support groups, and online adoption and foster care support groups are excellent ways for your family to get the adoption-competent support you need in a community setting.

We offer support groups for children, adolescents and families on a variety of issues. These groups aim to allow the participant to receive support from their peers as well as education from licensed, trained therapists to support their growth and healing. The groups are offered weekly and monthly.

Project Hope: A Grief and Loss Support Group for Foster Parents and Foster Children

Project Hope is a grief and loss support group provided to foster parents and the children in their home who are grieving the loss of a foster child who has left their home and moved onto another placement or returned home to their family. The group meets weekly for 12 weeks for 2 hours. There is a concurrent group for parents and children/adolescents. Free dinner and childcare are provided.

Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group is a general support group for adoptive, kinship or guardians, and their children or adolescents. This group meets on the third Thursday of each month for 2 hours. There is a concurrent group for parents and children/adolescents. Dinner and childcare are provided.

Interracial Parent Support Group

The Interracial Parent Support Group is a safe space for parents to connect and engage with other interracial adoptive families to ask questions, share advice, and discuss their family’s unique experiences. This group will meet monthly and includes guest speakers, productive dialogue, and practical take-aways for each family.

Interracial Children’s Support Group

The Interracial Children’s Support Group is a safe space of emotional support for children and youth adopted into interracial families. Each session, the group will engage in open discussion and guided activities (readings, lessons, games, etc) focused on civic and cultural topics that impact their lives. This group will increase their consciousness of their resilience, self-worth, and value they add to their family, community, and the world.