For Families

Adoptive and foster families often face unique challenges that require individualized support as they grow. Whether you’re wondering how to help your adopted child’s anxiety or depression; you have questions about your adopted child’s education; or curious about more complex issues like ensuring your adopted child receives trauma-informed counseling from an adoption-competent therapist- we can help.

FamilyWorks Together specializes in supporting families formed through adoption, foster care, kinship care, reproductive technologies, IVF, sperm or egg donation, guardianship and blended families. For families formed by adoption, kinship care, guardianship or through foster care, we utilize our adoption/permanency competent model that has supported families for the last 30 years. Utilizing a strength-based, culturally competent approach, we work with each family to embrace their unique family system.

Our therapists will partner with you to reach your individual and family goals—you are the expert on you and your family—we are here to create light where there is darkness, inspire you with new ways of understanding and support you on the journey to healing.