Building Healthy Brains in Infants and Toddlers

The human brain begins developing prenatally and is significantly impacted by early experiences, both positive and negative. From the moment babies come into the world, their minds are being shaped by the environment and the care giving relationship. Promoting baby’s healthy brain development is even more important for adopted infants and toddlers. While the brain continues to develop and change throughout life, the time between birth and age three is a critical period for learning and development. This seminar will provide a basic overview of how the brain develops prenatally and changes after birth in response to early experiences. Participants will be provided with tips and techniques for nurturing healthy brain development in their infant and toddler. They will learn how responsive, attuned, and loving care giving supports brain development, and helps to form a solid foundation for healthy social, emotional and cognitive development.

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Fee: $25.00