Helping Children Cope with Anxiety and Stress

How can I help my adopted child cope with anxiety? It is normal for children to feel anxious in response to life stressors. For some children, anxiety can be so pervasive and intense that it interferes with healthy functioning. Anxiety in children can stem from external events or situations (problems with peers, changes in the family, too many activities, or moving to a new home) or internal feelings and pressures (wanting to do well in school, feeling different from peers, a fear of making mistakes). Because children may not always recognize or clearly articulate that something is bothering them, it is important for parents to recognize the warning signs of stress and anxiety. This will allow them to intervene early and offer support. This seminar will explore signs and symptoms of anxiety, effective parenting strategies for supporting the anxious child, and when and how to seek professional assistance.

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Fee: $25.00