International and Domestic Adoption Medicine 101: Medical, Developmental and Mental Health Screening for the Child with Early Adversity

Why is adoption-competency important when you take your child to the doctor? How does the medical field consider the adoptee population, and why? In this session, we will define the internationally adopted, foster care and domestically adopted populations. Participants will learn about current national recommendations for health screening for adoptees; discuss common medical conditions within the adoptee population, and how adoptive parents can best handle referrals and treatment. Participants will learn home program ideas and school recommendations to support adoptees.

Dr. Eckerle will discuss common pediatric therapeutic and psychological screenings and interventions for adoptees. She will touch on further referrals, explain our comprehensive assessment program and ways for pediatricians to collaborate to expand their networks to ensure that adopted children can access needed services. We will also present case examples with the potential for audience response participation to answer multiple-choice questions.

Judith K. Eckerle, MD is the Medical Director of the Adoption Medicine Clinic (AMC) at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Eckerle helps families pre and post adoption with consultation, referral and clinical services. She was trained at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Weill Cornell Medical Center (NY, NY) and the University of Minnesota’s Center for NeuroBehavioral Development. She is active personally and professionally in adoption, foster care, FASD education and global advocacy for children. She was adopted at 6 months and grew up in Minnesota.

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $25